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Regenerative Soil Farming Optimizes Botanical Extract Flavor & Potency

Written by Anthony DiMeo

Regenerative soil farming within the cannabis industry features several conscious, bio diverse techniques by the cultivators to positively contribute to the ecosystem their crops are a part of – a stark contrast to the large indoor industrial grow systems and the excess amounts of energy that are needed to operate them. These tangible benefits of regenerative farming and cultivation don’t just stop with reducing and eliminating environmental impact, but are also apparent in the end products that are manufactured after harvesting.

A true regenerative soil ecosystem for cannabis incorporates the following cumulative objectives:

  • Cannabis is sun-grown and utilizes compost culture systems via on-site closed-loop nutritional food systems and a dedication to carbon farming in order to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and into the plants and soil
  • Irrigation and soil management in order to conserve and protect the water table in the ground – including harvesting rainwater
  • Habitat promotion, preservation and protection for wildlife via methods such as cover cropping and companion planting
  • Utilization of organic pesticides to control insects and pests outdoors naturally
  • Community-building through cultivation, education, and sharing

When farmers grow sun-grown botanicals with natural soil, increased cultures within create a much more healthy plant – of which there is noticeably increased resin glands and trichomes present. These resinous rewards are well worth reaping for concentrate extractors along with the typically higher potency and amount of terpenes within.

Fresh frozen concentrates are probably the finest example of how botanical cultivators and extractors can optimize rich flavor and the ultimate in full-spectrum effects and potency. By combining perhaps the best extraction technique to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids immediately upon harvesting (fresh frozen), with perhaps the most-optimal way to enhance potency and flavor via cultivation (sun-grown), fresh frozen concentrates are a premier way to get the most and best out of regeneratively-farmed cannabis.

Cannabis consumer tastes have also been shown to be well-receptive to a more organic, eco-conscious product to enjoy and spend their dollars on – content that the regenerative soil farming process that creates sun-grown concentrates reverberates deeper than their pockets.

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