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Does Color Indicate Concentrate Quality?

Written by Antonio DeRose

Many people want to know how to pick out the best dabs. Some concentrate connoisseurs will tell you that top-quality concentrates have a bright golden color. At the same time, others might tell you that color doesn’t matter. So the question remains, does color indicate concentrate quality?

The short answer is no. Color does not indicate the quality of concentrates. This goes the same for cannabis concentrates like wax, sugar, and budder. It also goes for concentrates of other plants, like olive oils. Experts in the olive oil industry tell us that color does not provide an accurate reading of oil quality. The color of olive oil can differ depending on many factors. These can include everything from the type of olives used, to when they were harvested. [1]

The same goes for cannabis, but there are some caveats. Some extraction companies will use color remediation techniques to alter the color of their concentrates. These techniques are used to clean concentrates by removing pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, and any other harmful compounds. However, they can also be used to lighten the color of poor-quality material. [2]

Altering the color of the product benefits concentrate companies because most consumers are under the assumption that clearer oils mean cleaner products. It isn’t true, but because consumers are more likely to purchase lighter-colored concentrates, some companies will alter the color of their oil.

This doesn’t mean every light or golden-colored concentrate has been through color remediation. It just means that you can’t use the color of a concentrate as a way to judge its quality. The cannabis industry can take notes from the olive oil industry regarding the importance of oil color.

Companies should educate consumers about the different factors that can affect oil color. They should also focus on being transparent as possible about where their products are sourced from. Details about where and how plants are cultivated, harvested, and stored before extraction can be some of the best indicators of concentrate quality.



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