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The Insta Edibles Story

Written by Anthony Francoisi

Cannabis is the ‘it’ industry right now. It’s new, it’s developing, it’s growing, and despite this, the business community can be a little agog with how to leverage opportunities within this ever-evolving world.

Here’s the thing: it’s not that different from any other industry that has some legal restrictions. You can’t grow grape vines, produce wines, and sell them just anywhere. There are rules around manufacturing, packaging, distribution, even advertising within the wine industry. The same is true for cannabis. And like any industry, the best way to find new and interesting products to bring to market is to ask yourself the question: what does the buyer need?

That’s how Honest Marijuana Company came up with the idea for their Insta line of edibles.

Wants versus needs

Obviously, unless someone is using medically prescribed cannabis, the question is more about want than need. That being said, though, cannabis consumers are becoming more educated and more discerning in their choices, and as cannabis becomes more mainstream, a wider audience is looking at ways to partake that work within their lifestyles.

The evolution of Honest Marijuana Company was always founded, at its basic level, on creating as clean an experience as possible for the consumer. Organically grown products, all the while reducing the carbon footprint created during growing, manufacturing and distribution, are part of the basic principles of the company. That philosophy drew in an audience of consumers who care about what they put into their bodies, specifically, and the effects of their choices on the earth, in general.

Smoking a blunt doesn’t fall into the lifestyle requirements of many people. It’s not particularly discrete or clean to inhale smoke, whether at home or at a private gathering, and that made cannabis consumption a little less palatable for many. The shift towards people being interested in cannabis edibles exploded, with everyone from parents to grandparents to professionals and the guy down the street becoming interested in the high they could get without the physical and health downsides of inhaling smoke.

As ever, there are improvements to be made in any consumer product and the market was clearly showing that edibles were a good place to start.


A joint high in a gummy?

Any company that knows how to evaluate growth opportunities would be looking at how they could solve problems potential buyers were having. When it comes to edibles, there is one major problem: it takes an average of an hour or more for the effects of an edible to kick in. This is compared to inhaled cannabis, the effects of which take place within minutes. The delay is because the THC has to pass through the digestive system, which affects not only the duration but also the quality of the resulting high. Honest Marijuana Company saw an opportunity to leverage technology and science to close the gap on how long an edible takes to create a decent high, compared to smoking a joint.

The result? After much research and technological effort, the “Insta” line of products: InstaFizzy, InstaGummy, and InstaMints.

Leveraging nanotechnology and a trademarked process —Nanobidiol TechnologyTM — that reduces cannabinoids to nanosized particles and encapsulates them so they are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, Honest Marijuana Company directly addressed a key issue consumers had with edibles: how to make them as effective as a direct hit to the lungs from a joint.

The ability to eat an edible that bypasses the digestive system, and the gastric fluids that impact it, pushing it through the stomach walls and directly into the bloodstream, means that nanoencapsulated formulations can have the virtually the same “time to a high” effects as a joint, without the need to inhale smoke.

The commitment to the research and development of the technology to create these products was a big push for Honest Marijuana Company but ultimately, we were doing what every smart business does: responding to a fundamental consumer need. In this case, a clean, discrete way to consume controlled quantities of THC and get the desired high within a short time frame.

For example, the InstaFizzy effervesces in water but still allows the consumer to control how much THC is ingested each time. Thanks to the nanoencapsulation, and unlike other edibles which can take upwards of an hour to feel the effects from, InstaFizzy creates a high in about 2 to 10 minutes. The InstaGummies and InstaMints offer similar results, allowing a clean, efficient, and discreet cannabis experience.

For the experienced cannabis consumer, or the newbie, this product makes cannabis an interesting alternative to other psychoactive products or even alcohol. And who wouldn’t want to find some delicious gummies in their Christmas stocking this year to pass the holidays and bring the New Year with a whole lot of comfort and joy?


Anthony Franciosi is the co-founder of Honest Marijuana Co eco-conscious cannabis growery. Honest Marijuana has been a leader in cannabis innovation since its inception with an organic approach to the growth, production and packaging of cannabis. Then came the launch of the first-ever organic, hemp-wrapped, machine-rolled blunts along with the invention of the now patented Nanobidiol Technology which powers the company’s just released line of Insta Edibles as well as their Hemp Theory product line.

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