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Arometrix Q&A: Real-Time Molecular Data During Extraction

Imagine having live analytics continuously being made available while extracting cannabinoids from Cannabis or Hemp plants.

That’s precisely what Arometrix is making a reality with its revolutionary technology.

Today, Extraction Magazine spoke with James Allen of Arometrix to get a little more perspective on the company and its objectives.


Extraction Magazine: When and how was Arometrix founded?

James: Arometrix was founded in 2018 after a team of scientists and a team of tech experts, each from experienced companies, joined forces with the goal of helping extraction labs make purer Cannabis medicine. Arometrix’s two parent companies (AccuStrata and DigiVac) each have a rich history of innovation, engineering and productization within the science and technology space. Thanks to this partnership, Arometrix was able to quickly research, develop and launch state-of-the-art technology, without the constraints that are notoriously posed to young tech startups.


Extraction Magazine: What was the inspiration behind Arometrix?

James: Arometrix was created to help Cannabis processors make the highest quality extracts possible by improving their extraction processes.

Traditional analytical equipment within this industry is designed exclusively for use after the extraction process by sample testing, and thus, is incapable of real-time analysis during the process. The lack of live data on what’s flowing through the extraction system has unfortunately led to rampant operator guesswork, resulting in human error, batch-to-batch inconsistencies, and low-quality extracts. The opportunity to empower extractors with the critical information to rectify this effect inspired Arometrix to fill this crucial knowledge gap in the extraction process with our innovative real-time molecular monitoring technology (the FRACTION FINDER) that can be used by operators during the process.


Extraction Magazine: What is Arometrix’s technology?

James: Arometrix’s patented technology makes use of spectroscopic measurement to provide extraction operators with second-by-second measurements of their extract’s molecular composition. This allows the operator to monitor these molecular changes while they are extracting and throughout the extraction process. More specifically, our technology detects the presence and relative potency of key compounds found within the Cannabis plant. For example, it can detect the instant in which THC begins to flow through the system, as well as any increases or decreases in the THC concentration level. Our products then conveniently log and store the data of that particular process for traceability purposes or later review.


Extraction Magazine: Who are Arometrix’s customers?

James: Arometrix serves any business or individual seeking to make the finest and most consistent Cannabis concentrates on the market for medicinal or recreational use. Such people are oftentimes extraction laboratories technicians, managers, or directors that desire to monitor and optimize their extraction processes. Additionally, our customers also often include quality assurance managers that are generating a record-keeping system within their company to ensure and maintain good manufacturing practices. In all cases, our customers are employed at licensed Cannabis extraction labs where Cannabis plant material is processed into higher potency products, such as distillates, dabs, and hash oil.


Extraction Magazine: What types of extraction applications does your technology work with?

James: We created a technology platform that is highly-scalable, and we now have three Cannabis technology products available and designed to integrate into various existing processing methods within the industry. We have the FRACTION FINDER, our first analyzer which is for distillation, the FRACTION FINDER ULTRA, our next-gen analyzer that also works for chromatography, and lastly, the EXTRACTION FINDER, which is our newest C1D1-certified analyzer recently launched for hydrocarbon, ethanol and other biomass-based extraction processes.


Extraction Magazine: What is the distinguishing factor about your technology that is unique to this industry?

James: Our suite of technologies are designed and specifically built for this industry. So far, all of our R&D has occurred within Cannabis processing labs as will most future R&D efforts for the foreseeable future.


Extraction Magazine: Does the tech work specifically with Cannabis plants or others as well?

James: Currently, the technology works particularly, however not exclusively, with Cannabis plants.

Our vision is broad: to be the standard for quality monitoring, compliance, and purity of life-transforming plant extracts. We strongly believe in the capacity of medicinal plant extracts to improve consumer’s daily lives, and as such, are open to exploring new avenues and adjacent industries that we can serve utilizing our core technology. With that said, currently our team remains incredibly focused, passionate, and enthusiastic about serving and improving the processes within the Cannabis industry.


Extraction Magazine: What is the importance of molecular monitoring during these processes?

James: In the words of renowned author Peter Drucker, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

The author’s concise poignancy is reflected here, in the fundamental knowledge that if an extractor cannot directly measure their extract’s THC levels during extraction processes, they cannot expect to have an easy time managing them. With valid tools and reliable measures in place, making the smartest possible decisions for extraction processes is made easily accessible, ensuring the safest, highest-quality output possible with every extraction run.


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