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These Groups Bring Rules and Regs to Cannabis Beverages

Written by Antonio DeRose

With medical and adult-use cannabis programs continuing to grow, so does the selection of products consumers have to choose from. One quickly growing segment is cannabis beverages. Although tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) infused beverages are already found on store shelves, extraction and manufacturing processes for cannabis beverages aren’t currently standardized. This makes safety and compliance a growing concern for consumers as well as businesses.

Earlier this year, the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), a national industry organization focused on expanding, protecting, and preserving cannabis and hemp-related businesses, announced the creation of a new Cannabis Beverage Council. The Council is comprised of several industry professionals in both the cannabis and beverage industries, including Scott Coors, Adolphus Busch V, and ATACH’s Beverage Executive of the Year, David Klein (CEO of Canopy Growth). This group’s goal is to assist in standardizing cannabis beverage regulations and policies throughout different states as the market continues to grow.

Councilmember Christy Zhou, the Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Organigram, said in a press release, “These beverage products can differ from traditional solid edibles in their format and effects, and as such, should be approached thoughtfully from a regulatory perspective. As early adopters, it is our duty to help shape regulations such that they encourage the development of responsible and innovative beverage products.”

Another organization working to advance the cannabis beverage market and ensure the safety of consumers and businesses through proper policies and regulations is the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA). With a board made up of representatives from major companies like Caliva™, Pabst Labs® (who offer a cannabis-infused seltzer), and K-Zen™ Beverages, the CBA has set out to give the cannabis beverage industry a voice, united in establishing best practices for everyone involved.

Their approach includes providing ongoing education for beverage manufacturers, policymakers, and consumers about the most important news surrounding cannabis beverage manufacturing and consumption. In addition to being committed to safe access, reliable testing, proper safety practices, and trust in manufacturing, the CBA seeks inclusivity, diversity, and equality throughout the cannabis beverage industry.

As the world of cannabis-infused beverages continues to expand, so will the need for rules and regulations.

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