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Written by Asia Mayfield

Fresh products continue to flood the cannabis market as manufacturers and growers refine their techniques. One of the latest options to hit dispensary shelves gives consumers interested in cannabis concentrates a new way to indulge—DabTabs™.

What are DabTabs?

The DabTabs brand was founded by ilo Research who have trademarked the name. DabTabs are small, precisely measured doses of cannabis concentrate wrapped in ceramic pellets. The ceramic is made of inert natural minerals and spares the need for any cartridge-style additives. It is also designed to reduce combustion and degradation compared to dabbing concentrates directly.

The hexagonal tablets are easy to transport and allow you to smoke/vaporize dabs without touching the concentrate itself. Simply place your DabTab in the dab rig chamber where you typically put your concentrate and heat to 450º–550º F. A single tab is good for 3-4 puffs. You’ll know you’re done when the golden tablet turns brown. The spent tablet can then be returned for recycling or used as soil amendment.

DabTabs are currently offered with live resin, hash rosin, distillate, shatter, and more. ilo Reseach works with licensed hemp and cannabis operators across the globe.

Why Use DabTabs?

Beginners may shy away from dabbing or consuming concentrates out of a dab rig. Trying to carve out the perfect dose from a glob of sticky concentrate or gooey resin can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing.

With DabTabs, you can control your dose. The guessing game of “how much am I consuming this time” is eradicated. Every DabTab delivers 50mg of concentrate, letting you know exactly how much you’re consuming. Certifications from ASTM International back up the quality of the ceramic tablet and the precise dose.

DabTabs are also portable. They don’t require a dab tool or dealing with a messy concentrate. No more ‘carpet dab,’ either—tablets dropped on the floor can still be used.

Finally, DabTabs are compatible with most dab rigs. You don’t need to invest in special equipment.

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