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World’s Top Cannabis Extraction Conference: Concentration 2021

Written by Lance Griffin

Extraction has shaped the cannabis universe. The market for extracts continues to expand. Moreover, the wellness industry extracts phytochemicals from botanicals to meet massive consumer demand for natural solutions and supplements. Concentration 2021 unites scientists, industry leaders, and innovators from the cannabis and botanical extraction communities. The power of extraction and science converge at this breakthrough global event.

Extraction Magazine (EM) and Terpenes & Testing Magazine (TT) host Concentration 2021. These digital publications are the platinum standard for professionals across cannabis and botanical industries. The rigorous editorial process ensures that science and expert knowledge guide readers to real-world results. Further, the advisory board spans many of the globe’s most successful plant extractors, scientists, and business owners. EM and TT clear the clutter of misinformation and pave the way to the future.

Extraction plays a staggering role in the cannabis industry. Beyond traditional concentrates, many products rely on extraction, such as infused beverages and vaporizer cartridges. Increasingly, extractors collect terpenes to re-blend into concentrates and promote certain effects (e.g., relaxation). Choosing a basic technique and solvent (or not) is only the first step. The producer faces many additional variables—such as time, temperature, co-solvent, etc.—all of which affect yield and potency. Extractors must leap hurdles, such as contamination and regulation, and seize opportunities to stand out, such as new technology and product design.

Concentration 2021 organizes the best minds in the industry with unforgettable seminars, speeches, and exhibits. This event empowers extractors to navigate the evolving cannabis landscape and blast through sham strategies for true success. The conference also gathers botanical extractors from the wider wellness industry. Specialists in plants such as kratom or hops, for example, may discover new insights from medicinal mushroom extractors, and vice versa. The unparalleled network of professionals is fertile ground for innovation and partnership.

This is the world’s greatest community of cannabis extractors, united to share knowledge and elevate business. Become part of the Concentration 2021 family. Join us in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on March 5-6.

Image: David Cardinez from Pixabay

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