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Vapers Find Smoke Eraser V3, the 2nd Hand Smoke Suppressing Sploof, a Viable Option for 2nd Hand Vapor

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Unit handles extraordinary 1400+ exhales by way of new, patent pending pre-filter that preserves HEPA filter

REDONDO BEACH, Calif., Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Smoke Eraser raises the bar in the personal air filter space for both cannabis users, and for the first time, the large and largely under-served vaping community. Until now, there has simply not been a single personal air filter on the market that comes close to handling the 3 to 400 drags per day (minimum) enjoyed by the average vaper. Now given that every commercially available sploof to date shares a design that allows for the HEPA filter to continuously absorb breath moisture, all sploofs become soaked and rendered useless after no more than about 300 exhales. That equals about a day’s worth of use for the vaper. Far from ideal. But with the introduction of the Smoke Eraser and its extraordinary ability to tolerate well over 1000 hits of heavy 2nd hand cannabis smoke, coupled with fact a 2nd unit multiplies output, the sploof has now become a truly viable option for vapers too whom we are finding have just as keen an interest in keeping their personal business to themselves. After all it’s a simple right to privacy and the Smoke Eraser is delivering; privacy and freedom from having to feel any of the anxiety that can be associated with vaping in public, especially with the added scrutiny these days. Having the option to keep it low key, or even hidden completely, is a freedom welcomed by Smoke Eraser customers of all types. Anywhere, anytime, undetected; this definitely changes things.

Blowing smoke in to have only clear odorless air come out; it’s often a shock to many who see this for the 1st time. But honestly the real magic is making the trick repeatable long enough so literally anyone can use the sploof effectively. “That’s what we’ve done here,” says Craig Nowak, creator of the Smoke Eraser. “Through a patent pending hydrophobic breath barrier and collection sponge held just off the HEPA, we created a pre-filter system that blocks about 90% of moisture without restricting airflow that quadruples output to a staggering 1400+ exhales.”

Now as that sinks in, believe it or not, there’s more. Turns out cycling 2 units together doesn’t double output like one would think, it actually multiplies it (we were shocked too). So a pair of Smoke Erasers rotated daily, where each can be given a full day to dry, allows time for the breath humidity to dry as well. That’s the 10% the pre-filter can’t catch. “So turns out, this is how you maximize the value. Cycling of 2 units gets the most bang for the buck. Who knew?” But whether using 1 or 2 units, the point here is simple. It’s how dry you keep them, that is what dictates life span. Because a dry sploof doesn’t clog. And Smoke Eraser is the only sploof on the market you’ll find providing access and ability to perform such a critical maintenance task.

Smoke Eraser is the vision of serial inventor entrepreneur Craig Nowak, “creator of dumb useful things” as he puts it, such as the Perfect Collar, Steam Den or this powerful creation here. “…sometimes one will fall into place and keep hitting the marks, w/ some not even anticipated. And that’s when you know maybe it’s just supposed to be,” Craig concludes about the Smoke Eraser. For more on this topic, contact Craig Nowak at 310-909-4708 or [email protected].


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