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Honest Marijuana Company Uses Nanobidiol TM Technology to Make THC-O-Acetate Capsules for Anxiety, Sleep, and Increased Bioavailability

Written by Petar Petrov

delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrates face an imposing, two-faceted roadblock to delivering the ultimate experience, with both facets stemming from THC’s very nature.

For one, like all cannabinoids, THC is hydrophobic, or water-loathing, as in something that can’t dissolve in water. And since water accounts for roughly 70% of our body, that poses a serious bioavailability problem. Second, when consuming THC, especially in concentrated forms, paranoia and anxiety can sometimes creep in and divert the experience.

To address those issues, Honest Marijuana Company have introduced a new line of THC-O-Acetate mints and effervescent pills which will take advantage of their patented Nanobidiol TM Technology. The company is the first to bring THC-O-Acetate to market.

What is THC-O-Acetate?

THC-O-Acetate (THC-O-Ac) is a cannabinoid, but not one that occurs naturally. It’s the acetate of THC, meaning once THC has been isolated in a lab, an acetyl function group is introduced into its chemical composition through a process called acetylation. When consumed, THC-O-Ac needs to be deacetylated by enzymes in our bodies before the THC becomes active enough for us to feel its effects.

In that sense, THC-O-Ac is a prodrug of THC. Prodrugs are biologically inactive compounds that convert into an active therapeutic drug when metabolized in the body.

Why would anybody go through the trouble of altering something that already works like a charm, just so the body would then have to change it back to the way it was and take time to do so? Because it’s precisely this metabolizing process of deacetylation that unlocks a different side of THC, reminiscent of the borderline psychedelic nature of edibles’ effects which are also summoned through THC metabolization. Generally speaking, “prodrugs can be used to improve drug delivery or to target the drug-specific cells and issues,” Honest Marijuana Company explains.

THC-O-Ac + Nanobidiol TM Technology in Practice

Nanotechnology is no novelty in the scientific world and has even had encounters with cannabidiol (CBD). So, what makes Nanobidiol Technology unique?

“[regular] Nanotechnology is a term that is used very often these days to describe a different formulation that allows a reduction in cannabinoid size. Many of those Nano preparations aim to reduce the size of the active ingredients’ particles. Most of the Nano technologists are using a combination of the emulsifiers to keep the droplets of the oil small,” Serge Chistov, the inventor of Nanobidiol Technology explains.

Regular nanotechnology is useful for particles that are too big to pass through small openings, like skin pores for example. But reducing the size still doesn’t address the crux of the issue regarding THC bioavailability – the lack of water-solubility. Such comminuted, lipophilic particles will still face an unwelcoming, highly aqueous environment when they enter our bodies. This is the problem Chistov sought to solve.

“We use a hard nanoencapsulation technique, meaning we have a nanoencapsulation filled with the molecules of active ingredients,” he says. “Our patent, Nanobidiol Technology, includes all of the cannabinoids as well as terpenoids. Using Nanobidiol as a delivery technology, we’re able to fill any cannabinoid in the capsule and make that cannabinoid more active and bioavailable.”

In other words, the process of sneaking THC into our body as intact as possible is reminiscent of Trojan soldiers infiltrating Troy.

“The prodrug [THC-O] enters the system as a Trojan horse. The body sees the horse, the body tries to destroy the horse, keeping the insides of the horse available for the body to process. This means the THC inside of the prodrug preparation will not be metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC at the same rate and speed as the native THC molecule. That change in the metabolic perception of the body is what is partially responsible for the effect that most people describe as different,” Chistov explains.

And how is THC-O-Ac’s effect different?

THC-O-Ac’s Effects

As mentioned above, THC-O-Ac’s and edibles’ effects are unlocked in a similar way – through metabolization, and edibles are notorious for taking people by surprise with their psychedelic tendencies. So, what can consumers expect from the THC-O-Ac mints and effervescent pills? The answer is the happy medium between psychedelics and THC, an overlap between their safer sides.

“I do believe there is some psychedelic aspect with the consumption of THC-O-Ac. A lingering, multi-day effect was reported by people when they would feel some presence of the substance on the following morning. I would say the most commonly given description is the overall sense of well-being due to lack of anxiety. Sometimes with edibles, you might get a more defined psychedelic effect,” Chistov says.

The benevolent nature of THC-O-Ac’s effects may come as a surprise – if anything, the opposite could be easier to assume since the prodrug is, after all, basically THC in a concentrated form that is also metabolized similarly to edibles. This pleasant surprise is likely attributed to the prodrug deceiving the body.

“THC-O-Ac is THC set up as such so the body doesn’t recognize it,” Chistov says. “We believe that the difference in effect stems from the entry point of the molecule into the body – meaning that the process of transition of THC to the next metabolite forms not during normal consumption, but rather later. The specific mechanics of THC-O-Ac’s effect is not yet known. The entry point of the experience alongside the angle of approach to the receptors is why we believe the effect is different.”

Not only are the THC-O-Ac products designed to give consumers peace of mind regarding anxiety, but also to lull them to sleep – something that can also suffer from anxiety or “noisy brain.”

“THC-O-Ac induces the sleep condition by putting you in a mellow, relaxed state. It can be beneficial for late night consumption. It provides a calm and reasonably relaxed feeling without making you comatose,” Chistov continues.

The Bottom Line

“Because THC-O-Ac affects the receptors differently, the effect might be beneficial to people who might not receive relief from conventional THC or other formulations,” Chistov says.

Image Credits: Serge Chistov / Honest Marijuana Company

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