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Airgraft Brings Trust to Cannabis Vapor

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The most advanced vapor platform is out of beta 

Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 22, 2020)– Airgraft, a responsible vaporization technology company, today announced the launch of the brand’s “Trust Your Vapor” campaign to restore trust in cannabis vapor with leading technologies designed to provide security, accountability and clean vaporization. The brand is on a mission to educate consumers about verified fresh flower oil, portion control and the importance of never burning—only vaporizing.

With the full release of Airgraft SecurePod, the brand sets a new standard in cartridge security in response to the illicit vape crisis sweeping the nation. Building on accountability and transparency principles central to the brand, Airgraft SecurePods are encrypted and verified by the vaporizer, making them impossible to counterfeit.

“Airgraft is the next generation clean vaporizer using advanced technology,” said Airgraft Founder and CEO, Mladen Barbaric. “Our aim is to build trust with users and deepen their knowledge about the importance of quality standards within the vaporization process.”

In conjunction with the campaign launch, Airgraft is also hosting a launch party on Jan. 23 at Sweet Flower Melrose for their newest flower oil, Lava Flower, in partnership with A Golden State.

Lava Flower will be the first fresh flower oil to be released as part of the exclusive partnership with A Golden State, which will include a collection of three oils: two sativas and one indica. Available exclusively for Airgraft’s SecurePod, the only verified vaporizer cartridge, Lava Flower is a single-strain live resin from fresh frozen Lava Flower plants organically and sustainably grown locally in Northern California. The release sets a new benchmark for extract quality, containing no vitamin E acetate, heavy metals, cutting agents, additives or contaminants.

The event will offer an interactive experience showing consumers all parts of what makes Airgraft unique—from seed to pod. Extract samples and dissembled pods will allow people to better understand the revolutionary technology behind Airgraft in a tactile and physical way. The event will include a panel conversation with outspoken medical cannabis advocate and CEO of CannaKids, Tracy Ryan, alongside Airgraft’s Vice President of Marketing, Boris Barbaric, and their Chief Creative Officer, Davor Krvavac.

About Airgraft Inc.

Airgraft Inc. is a responsible vaporization technology company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Airgraft designs, develops, and sells vaporization hardware and software. Airgraft was founded in 2018 by a multinational team of designers, engineers, scientists and technologists with a rich history of global brand and product launches. Airgraft is supported by top cannabis and consumer industry investors, and leaders of key luxury fashion, alcohol and CPG brands.

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