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CannaMojo Introduces First Ever Cannabis Infused Male Pleasure Booster

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Take Your Sexual Performance to the Next Level

ORLANDO, FL (January 7, 2020) – The innovative minds at CannaMojo have introduced the first-ever cannabis-infused pleasure booster for men, CannaMojo CBD. The proprietary blend of mojo powder, combined with all-natural, organic and locally sourced CBD, work together to simultaneously vasodilate (increase blood flow) and improve relaxation for superior sexual performance and experience. CannaMojo CBD is available online here.

Media interested in receiving CannaMojo samples for editorial consideration, or speaking with the creators, may email [email protected].

CannaMojo is the first pleasure booster product to incorporate cannabis with a tried and true sexual performance formula. This revolutionary cannabis product comes in capsule form and infuses an all-natural, proprietary herbal blend with 25mg of CBD isolate containing no THC. CEO Edward Naylan explains, “CannaMojo was created to support men who have experienced performance anxiety to any degree.” He continues, “The market is ready for a natural solution to these common problems. It is saturated with intimacy enrichers containing CBD for women, but no cannabis-infused solutions for men. We decided we had to change that, and since we already had a proven product in the sexual performance market, the addition of CBD offered a perfect segue into the cannabis space.”

CBD has been shown to increase mental clarity and focus while boosting sensation. It allows for greater self-control and helps to decrease instances of premature ejaculation. CBD works on the body’s endocannabinoid systems and is known to reduce feelings of stress which can cause performance anxiety during sex.

A single CannaMojo capsule increases longevity and rigidity by promoting blood flow to the phallus region. Scientifically proven aphrodisiacs such as maca and ginseng are CannaMojo’s core, all of which are natural ingredients. With 25mg of CBD present in one pill, it can heighten arousal and create a mind-blowing experience by releasing dopamine to the brain’s receptors.

One CannaMojo CBD capsule can take up to 30 minutes to feel the effects, at which time users can expect an increase in sexual appetite and endorphins, which can last up to 48 hours.


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