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Gofire: Hype or Legit?

Written by Asia Mayfield

Advanced cannabis technology continues to pour into the market. Now that government restraints are lifting, growers and manufacturers have an increased leash to experiment. One of the newest devices is the Gofire vaporizer. It promises to revolutionize the way you consume plant medicine.

What it Does

Gofire is a metered-dose vaporizer and app that provides chemical/dosing information for certified products. If you want to control exactly how many cannabinoids and terpenes you’re consuming, the Gofire can help you out. The device extrudes “SmartCartridge” oil extracts in 2.5 mg increments into a convection chamber and alerts the user when the dose has been inhaled. It is unclear how or if the vaporizer meters dry herb and other extracts. The dosage settings range from small to large. You can customize the device to your own preferred settings.

In addition to the vaporizer, Gofire also manages an app. This keeps track of all of your doses so you can reference past sessions. You might find that a particular dosage setting relieves your anxiety, reduces your pain, or stimulates your appetite. Gofire hinges on the idea that consumers want a customized, predictable dosage.

The app also serves as a gateway into the Gofire community. Users can make posts detailing how the vaporizer works for them, as well as read posts from others.

Is it Worth it?

A Gofire vaporizer isn’t cheap. However, its $299 price point is in line with other high-quality vaporizers. What sets Gofire apart is its app and the ability to meter and track your consumption. There are a lot of reasons why this may be important. Medical patients, for example, often want to know the exact strength and size of their dose. Not only can they learn what dosage alleviates their symptoms, they can make sure they don’t overconsume.

If you don’t care about tracking your dosage, Gofire isn’t much better than the typical dry herb/concentrate vaporizer. The community aspect is nice if you don’t have someone in your life who’s familiar with cannabis, and the platform gives the ability to anonymously share feedback and reviews.

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