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Seed & Smith Partners with Gofire To Provide Precision Concentrate Dosing Through SmartCartridge Technology

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DENVER, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Seed & Smith, Colorado’s leading cultivator, concentrate manufacturer and dispensary dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis, has partnered with healthcare technology company Gofire™, an innovator of hardware and software solutions that aid in dose delivery, health tracking, and medication management, to enable precision-dosing of Seed & Smith’s cannabis oils through Gofire’s SmartCartridge and patented, IoT-enabled Gofire Inhaler.

“Precise dosing and consistent flavor in concentrates are one of the most sought-after consumer demands today, and we are excited to begin offering it through Gofire’s technology,” said Brooks Lustig, co-founder and CEO of Seed & Smith. “Our company prioritizes quality, control, and customer experience above all else, and we are delighted that patients all over the state of Colorado country can use products made from our premium flowers and oils. Consumers desire a dependable cannabis experience that allows them to maintain control over how they are using our products and what they experience, including managing their intake and regulating the temperature to create their optimum flavor profile. By partnering with Gofire, our customers can enjoy these and other benefits with some of our most popular products.”

Developed specifically for use in the Gofire Inhaler, the Gofire SmartCartridge enables the delivery of concentrate in precise, 2.5 mg increments while simultaneously sharing dose information and the concentrate’s exact chemical makeup to Gofire’s personal dosing phone app. By using the Gofire App, Seed & Smith customers can monitor and track their usage, allowing them to identify the outcomes they experience from the product and ultimately enabling them to ascertain their preferred dosing regimen.

Seed & Smith will fill SmartCartridges with 100% cannabis-derived oil, free of any cutting agents or chemical additives, in 250mg and 500mg sizes. Consumers can purchase the cartridges at the Seed & Smith dispensary and utilize with their Gofire Inhaler, which provides convection heating as well as temperature control in single-degree increments. The Gofire Inhaler uses a patented extrusion process that draws product from the cartridge into the convection oven on a dose-by-dose basis. As a result, there’s no re-heating of product and no degradation over time, creating a more flavorful, enjoyable experience for recreational users and a more consistent medication delivery for medical patients.

“As a leader in concentrate manufacturing, Seed & Smith has established a reputation for consistency, quality and reliability,” said Peter Calfee, CEO of Gofire. “Now, their products will be even more reliably consistent for consumers who are particularly interested in controlling their experience, whether the consumer is a patient seeking doctor-recommended medical relief or an enthusiast seeking the highest-quality product.”

Seed & Smith’s SmartCartridge products are now available at their flagship location.

About Seed & Smith

Located in Denver, Colorado, Seed & Smith is a cannabis cultivator, concentrate manufacturer and dispensary dedicated to perfecting the craft of producing high-quality cannabis while advancing the industry as a whole. With customizable professionally packaged wholesale cannabis, concentrate and flower products, Seed & Smith meticulously monitors each step of the growing process and produces the most sought-after top shelf product in all dispensaries. Seed & Smith advocates for a culture of transparency in the cannabis industry by offering tours of the grow operation, extraction lab and packaging facilities. Seed & Smith continues to stay true to its roots: creating exceptional cannabis and demonstrating their passion and process for doing so.

About Gofire

Gofire is a healthcare technology company developing a proprietary smart inhaler that pairs with a personal dosing app to allow patients to create consistent experiences with plant-based medicines. By removing the fear of taking too much while gaining the support of crowdsourced data, Gofire users find products best suited to their specific needs. Gofire is committed to making health resources safe and accessible through standardizing dose regimens by delivery method and by patient condition. Gofire is helping people realize the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of alternative health products through a new take on wellness innovation. Visit their website here, and follow Gofire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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