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Rosin Presses for the Home

Written by Lance Griffin

Get the Most Out of Your Flower

So, you tried pressing rosin with a hair straightener. Though this method is interesting and fun, it leaves much to be desired. Investing in a rosin press is the solution to greater precision, efficiency, and yield. To get the most out of your flower, check out these reputable companies and their rosin presses.


Sasquash is a family-operated business with a substantial international following. All of Sasquash’s hydraulic/hybrid presses are manufactured and assembled in Southern California. The company includes a limited lifetime warranty with all equipment sold.

During check-out, the customer can opt for add-ons/upgrades, namely: control valves, pressure gauges, custom colors, and custom engravings. The pump type must be selected at additional cost (except the Half Squash with Hand Pump). Sasquash currently offers four rosin presses suitable for most output needs:


NugSmasher is renowned for its reasonably-priced manual rosin press machines. The units are designed primarily for personal use; ‘manual’ refers to the hand crank used to apply pressure. NugSmasher manufactures its presses with high-grade steel and aluminum in the USA. Customers can look forward to a lifetime warranty on all parts.

  • NugSmasher Mini: 3.5 g plant material; 2 tons of pressure; 140 watts; weighs 25 pounds
  • NugSmasher: 14 g plant material; 12 tons of pressure; 320 watts; weighs 74 pounds


PurePressure specializes in commercial-grade pneumatic rosin presses. Pneumatic refers to the use of air pressure, and an air compressor (not included) is required to use pneumatic rosin presses. Based in Colorado, PurePressure has been honored with over a dozen industry awards in the past few years. Like the aforementioned companies, PurePressure sources and manufactures its equipment in the USA. The heat plates are formed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The company recently introduced manual presses, but the pneumatic presses shine:

Rosin Tech Products

Rosin Tech Products boasts fulfilment centers in seven countries and vends equipment in 300 stores worldwide. The company offers an affordable, no-frills rosin press for those on a tight budget. The device requires manual leverage and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Determining which rosin press would make the best investment requires consideration of needs. How much do I want to press, and how often? Do I have commercial ambitions? Once the equipment arrives, be sure to read the manual for operational best practices. And be prepared to experiment!

[Graphic Source: Sasquash]

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