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New Hemp CBD Cocktail Mixer Can Help Fight Hangovers

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CBD can help to treat hangovers, and one Colorado company is making its mission to tell the world about it

Aurora, Colo. – April 5, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – Top Shelf Mixers, an industry leader in high-end cocktail mixers, recently launched its first “cannabis” product which includes a healthy dose of 50mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per bottle. The company’s Cannabis Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mix is made with all-natural ingredients, and it’s infused with nutraceutical CBD extracted from organic Colorado hemp, or cannabis sativa.

“We literally hand-pick all our ingredients, we don’t use any additives,” said co-founder JR Hindman. “And the CBD we use is a hemp-derived ‘nanoemulsion’ extract, which helps to improve the bioavailability and enhance the therapeutic effects when you take it. Our formula is also 100% plant-based, THC-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free of all chemicals and solvents. I really think it’s the healthiest and tastiest bloody mary mix on the market today.”

In addition, the company claims that their pioneering new product is “a hangover’s worst enemy”, and there’s actually some rather compelling evidence to support that. As it turns out, studies have shown that CBD can help to prevent hangovers by lowering toxicity levels in the blood stream, reducing neurodegeneration, and counteracting the negative effects of alcohol on the liver.  That’s if you take it while drinking. As a remedy, CBD also has properties that can effectively fight the most common symptoms of a hangover including headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

“People are already embracing the idea of CBD-infused cocktails all around the world,” said Hindman. “It’s a whole new category of products, and it’s growing in popularity every day.”

So is this the newest brunch trend?

Top Shelf Jalapeno Cannabis Bloody Mary Mix is currently available at liquor stores and bars throughout Colorado, a state where CBD and hemp extracts are legally allowed in foods and beverages thanks to their 2018 Hemp Foods Bill. Once the laws are updated at the federal-level, which is expected to happen very soon, you’ll be able to find these products at stores all across the country. Hindman also hinted that the company might be launching a Cannabis Margarita Mix this summer, so keep any eye out for that too in upcoming months.

About Top Shelf

Top Shelf is a nationally-distributed brand of premium cocktail mixers with facilities and offices in Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Boulder, CO. They’re an innovator in CBD extracts and beverage infusion techniques, and partnered with some of the most respected hemp producers in the state. They also pride themselves in using only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients, and they’re mission is to continue to deliver groundbreaking new cocktail mixers that can help to combat a drinker’s #1 nemesis: the hangover.

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