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Vape Cannabis Cross Over Product Wacky Tacky Glue Announced

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wacky Tacky Glue makes its debut this month, one of new and innovative products offered by Shatter Batter LLC.

With legalization of cannabis in Mexico, Canada, UK and the US, both retail and wholesale products are transforming the landscape of medical and recreational Cannabis. As the vaping and cannabis industries are growing, so are the companies and products that support users in new and cutting-edge ways.

Such is the case with Shatter Batter LLC. and their line of products designed to help smokers have a more portable, convenient way to smoke; be more discreet; limit smoke smell; add flavor and potency; and be more sanitary. “Shatter Batter is developing products to innovate the cannabis industry and increase customers enjoyment of their cannabis products,” stated Serena Terrones co founder of Shatter Batter LLC.

Wacky Tacky Glue dries to form a paper that fuses to itself, making the need for licking rolling papers obsolete.  This is a more sanitary way to seal rolled products and can even keep cigars from unraveling after a miss cut.  It is cigar and blunt glue, it will seal lifted edges, holes and cracks on paper wraps securely and instantly.

Offered in either unflavored or eight flavor varieties, Wacky Tacky Glue can also be used to add a fresh taste and aroma to your herbal smoking products and add potency to your blunt or joint by simply coating it with Wacky Tacky and rolling it in kief for a heavy-duty party favor.

“We have shipped to 11 countries and counting with Shatter Batter and our interest in Wacky Tacky has been overwhelming,” said Bob Wirth director of distribution.

Watch for Wacky Tacky Glue’s full release this month and in retail stores soon or visit them online at for shipping options and more.

About Shatter Batter LLC

Shatter Batter LLC is a Colorado Springs based, Veteran and Minority Co-owned business. Founded in June of 2017, they are already shipping their first product, Shatter Batter world-wide to eleven countries, and counting. Their second product, Wacky Tacky Glue will follow in those footsteps and take Shatter Batter LLC to new heights.

For wholesale and retail pricing or questions, contact [email protected].

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