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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Garden Society Announces New Products

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Female-owned cannabis company introduces new low-dose edibles and pre-rolled Rosettes, preps for Valentine’s Day dispensary take-over,  announces its new podcast series, and aims to help women live their best lives

Healdsburg, Calif. — Jan. 24, 2019 Garden Society, a woman-owned and -operated cannabis wellness brand based in northern Sonoma County, announces its newest female-friendly cannabis products just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Specializing in chef-inspired cannabis-infused edibles and full flower biodynamic pre-rolls they call “Rosettes,” Garden Society founder Erin Gore is proud to announce two new products, an elevated Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and a Spiced Dark Chocolate that gets its kick from chili and cinnamon. The Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt are made with an Indica variety to ensure a good night’s sleep; Spiced Dark Chocolates are infused with a Sativa variety for a more joyful mood.

“We’ve had a focus on high quality products from Day One,” Gore says. “These new combinations of the Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and Spiced Dark Chocolate are sublime. The quality of our chocolate and its taste are so important to me — and our customers. It’s one of the reasons they choose Garden Society.”

Another reason customers have made Garden Society a favorite is the quality of the cannabis used to infuse its edibles and fill its pre-rolled Rosettes. Gore and her team partner with a Mendocino County biodynamic cannabis farm for their flower.

“It’s more difficult to farm biodynamically,” Gore admits, “but it results in a better experience. Many pre-rolls you’ll find on the market are filled with leaves and shake. We’re giving you what you would give yourself if you had the time and access to really beautiful flower.”

Garden Society’s new Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt, Spiced Dark Chocolate, and Rosette pre-rolls — available in indica, sativa, and now a CBD-heavy hybrid — are available statewide in California. Soon residents of and visitors to Sonoma County will also be able to purchase Garden Society products directly through the company’s delivery license.

Gore and her team will take over the Solful dispensary in Sebastopol the weekend of Feb. 9-10, 2019, in advance of Valentine’s Day. “We’ll have delightful gift sets for sale as well as non-medicated samples and other surprises for anyone who would like to taste our chocolates,” Gore says.

Garden Society is a B Corporation, meaning that it exists to do more than just offer low-dose alternatives to its customers. With a mandate to promote the health and welfare of women through education and responsibly sourced products, the company vows to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

”I just don’t know how else we could run a business in this day and age,” says Gore. “The stakes are too high for our planet and our people. This is just one small effort in a wave of initiatives. We’re proud to be a part of what we hope will turn out to be a solution.”

“Garden Society: The Podcast” will launch at the end of February, with Gore and co-founder Karli Warner talking about everything from parenting to entrepreneurship within the cannabis space. Both founders are the mothers of toddlers, balancing their professional lives with family duties. Catch a preview of Gore and Warner at work with this fun interview from Jan. 21, 2019, on the “Casually Baked” potcast.

“Cannabis is a very interesting space for a female founder to work,” says Gore. “As a new industry, there’s less of the ‘old boys network,’ but there are still challenges for women to overcome. Being able to create a product that’s for women, that supports our both our health and well being as we run companies and raise families, just feels so right.”

About Garden Society

Founded in Sonoma County by Erin Gore in 2016, Garden Society offers cannabis-infused confections and sun-grown flower pre-rolls that connect sustainable farming, local produce, and cultivar-specific cannabis in a variety of products. Garden Society helps you find a ‘Fresh Perspective’ in the joy that cannabis brings to our everyday lives.
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