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CBx Data Labs Announces Partnership with Optimist Inhaler, Signals Shift in Medical Cannabis Treatment

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The Optimist Inhaler is the first smart inhaler created to transform medical cannabis treatment

TORONTO, Dec. 21, 2018 /CNW/ – CBx Data Labs announced today it is entering into a formal partnership with Optimist Inhaler LLC as CBx Data Labs proceeds with a corporate strategy to build and implement data solutions in the medical cannabis market.

The Optimist Inhaler, developed by Optimist Inhaler LLC, is a cloud-connected sMDI™ (Smart Metered Dose Inhaler) that allows clinicians and formulators to improve medical cannabis treatments, monitor adherence and usage activity, and collect/analyze data for improving formulations and patient outcomes. The result is optimal synergy between patients, health professionals and medicine formulators. The Optimist device and supporting software will be compliant with all necessary regulatory requirements throughout North America.

CBx Data Lab’s health expertise and unique software applications, combined with the Optimist Inhaler technology, will offer medical cannabis patients a first-of-its kind, non-heated inhalation delivery device. Powered by a cloud-based Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant data collection platform, the Optimist Inhaler gathers “condition and symptom specific” patient feedback and makes the data available to practitioners and medication formulators, thus providing the ability to optimize formulations and improve patient outcomes through effective treatment regimes. In addition, the Optimist Inhaler device features:

  • Non-heated atomized medication: Micron sized droplets provide safe and improved targeting with higher bioavailability as compared to unhealthy heated inhalation and inconsistent ingested dosing.
  • Metered dose application: Precisely delivers repeatable atomized quantities of medication with rapid and consistent “time to onset”.
  • Medication cartridge tracking: Monitors up to five medications and ensures the patient is using the correct medication at the proper dosing time. Each cartridge has a unique identifier and in the event of a formulator issued recall, the device will lock to prevent future dispensing.
  • Notifications: Alerts caregivers and patients when it’s time to dispense medication, when it’s time to switch from a daytime to a nighttime formula and when the medicine cartridge is nearing depletion which in turn initiates an automated in-app refill order feature.
  • Lock-out feature: Allows physicians to regulate dispensing of medication, prevents patients from accidental dispensing or taking the incorrect dosage and serves as a child-safety function.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Collects medication usage data, captures real-time patient feedback and allows physicians to remotely adjust and personalize treatment regimens; integration of third-party devices (FitBit, Apple Watch, etc.) allowing for the monitoring of patient vitals before and after dosing events.

Optimist Inhaler’s partnership with CBx Data Labs builds on the existing corporate partnership with the Think Research Corporation.

About CBx Data Labs
CBx Data Labs develops software tools to collect and enable patient data to be better analyzed in market for medical cannabis. Harnessing this type of data through uniquely-designed healthcare applications will establish an evidence base for specific formulas, give both patients and health professionals the ability to better manage the full cycle of care, while also allowing professional organizations, researchers, governments and industry to better understand and validate how a particular course of care is being used in practice.

About Optimist Inhaler LLC
Optimist is the first smart inhaler created to optimize medical cannabis treatment. The Optimist Inhaler provides safe, accurate and consistent delivery of medical cannabis in a familiar and trusted form. Designed to improve patient outcomes by providing physicians with the ability to personalize treatment plans and giving formulators the insight to develop better medicines and quickly validate efficacy. The Optimist Inhaler technology platform creates a complete “ecosystem” that will transform and legitimize the future of medical cannabis.

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