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The Original Jack Herer Wins at The Emerald Cup 2018

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SANTA ROSA, Calif., Dec. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Original Jack Herer took a first place win for its cannabis concentrate on Sunday at The Emerald Cup, the premier cannabis competition and harvest festival in northern California.

The Santa Cruz company’s winning entry was a one-gram cartridge of The Original Jack Herer cannabis oil, which features an 88% concentration of THC distilled from Jack Herer cannabis buds. The oil is infused with terpenes (aromatic plant compounds) that are associated with premium Jack Herer harvests.

Honoring a Legacy

Products by The Original Jack Herer feature artisanal strains of Jack Herer cannabis flower. These are named in honor of cannabis activist Jack Herer (1939-2010), who for decades traveled California to educate voters about benefits of choosing hemp products for food, fiber, medication, recreation and more.

“It’s poetic that Jack wins this year, the first that cannabis is legalized for adults statewide,” noted the brand’s writer JorieHenrickson.

Dan Herer, Jack Herer’s second eldest son, accepted The Emerald Cup award for best distillate on behalf of parent company Herer Group. “Thank you to my partner Latif and our formulator Dustin [Snyder] for working for nearly a year to perfect the product that we put out. And I’m so grateful for all the love and response that we got back!”

Thousands of industry workers and other cannabis fans attended The Emerald Cup ceremony, which has been dubbed the Academy Awards of cannabis.

Formulating a Winner

Dr. Paul C. Lessard, Chief Science Officer for Herer Group, credits the oil’s quality to a unique distillation process.

“Our lab team strives to mirror the composition of Mother Nature’s flower in our Jack Herer distillate. Together we’ve developed a special extraction method that preserves the terpenes in their most desirable forms, with a pleasant aroma and just-right consistency for vaping.”

The Original Jack Herervape oil cartridges, joints and whole cannabis buds are for sale at dispensaries across California. Retailers can order through

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