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Start a Happier Holiday Tradition for Pets, Their Owners and Guests with Veterinarian Approved Smart Hemp CBD

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Reduce Holiday Stress for Pets by Using CBD to Help Relieve Anxiety, Aggressive Behavior and Loss of Appetite

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The holidays can be difficult for pets–and by extension their owners. Unfamiliar visitors in their homes, a general upheaval of daily routines and the feeling of abandonment when pets are left behind while their human families celebrate elsewhere. Smart Hemp™ CBD, a new line of premium-quality Cannibidiol (CBD) hemp oil products, can help relieve symptoms such as anxiety, loss of appetite and aggressive behavior. A clinical trial study conducted at Cornell University found that CBD is safe and effective for treating pain in dogs with osteoarthritis.

These products are specifically formulated for pets, veterinarian approved and sourced from carefully screened suppliers that meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. The company uses only the highest-quality ingredients that have been tested to assure that they contain no pesticides, artificial chemicals or other contaminants. The products are available online at

Because it’s in liquid form, Smart Hemp CBD Tinctures offer one of the fastest ways for hemp to absorb into a pet’s system. Precise servings for dogs and cats can be administered under the tongue or along the gum line using a dropper. Detailed serving information, based on the specific product and the pet’s weight, is provided on product labels and the company website.

“Timing varies, but many pet owners will begin to see changes within an hour after giving CBD to their pet, especially when drops (tinctures) are given by mouth where it is absorbed into the bloodstream,” said Bill Hansen, Smart Hemp CBD founder. “When CBD is taken with food, it goes through the digestive system and takes effect more gradually.”

While many pet owners start to see subtle changes almost immediately, it’s best to watch for the desired effect over a period of several days.

Beef-and-bacon-flavored Smart Hemp CBD Soft Bites are formulated especially for dogs. The serving can be adjusted by using whole bites for large-breed dogs or divided for smaller breeds.

Smart Hemp CBD Soft Gels and Smart Hemp CBD Hemp Meal are easy to feed when mixed with daily food, wrapped inside a treat or delivered in any way that entices a pet.

Smart Hemp CBD products contain no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the principal psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana, so pets taking these products do not get “high.” Smart Hemp CBD products can be shipped to all 50 states.

Smart Hemp™ CBD provides premium quality Cannabidiol (CBD) hemp-oil products for pets. Smart Hemp CBD products are all natural and meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. They are veterinarian approved to help provide healthful benefits, are 100 percent THC free, and have been tested to assure that they contain no pesticides, artificial chemicals or other contaminants. Learn more by visiting

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