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CBDfx Introduces Breakthrough CBD Gummies With Turmeric & Spirulina

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By adding the often-requested superfoods turmeric and spirulina to their original CBD formula, CBDfx is cutting down on the number of different supplements users need to take every day.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Los Angeles-based organic CBD industry titan CBDfx announced the long-anticipated release of a new edible product. The launch of their CBD Gummies with Turmeric &Spirulina represents the culmination of many months spent researching, testing, and perfecting a formula that the company hopes its loyal customers will enjoy.

Through consistent research and dialogue with their customers, CBDfx has found that there are a select few supplements that are often taken with CBD, thanks to potential complementary effects that may contribute to overall wellness. Turmeric and spirulina are two superfoods that have long been looked at as natural complements to cannabidiol, thanks to their high nutrient values and potential antioxidant effects.

  • Turmeric is a naturally occurring spice that is derived from the turmeric plant, used for centuries as both a seasoning and a natural remedy for mild inflammation and pain. It’s rich in antioxidants and is commonly taken on its own as a supplement.
  • Spirulina is a non-threatening bacterium grown in water that has recently attracted a lot of attention thanks to NASA’s embrace of it and its ability to grow in space. Rich in amino acids, nutrients, and essential ingredients like protein, iron, and magnesium, spirulina is known as a “superfood” thanks to its plethora of potential health benefits.

These new CBD gummies still contain organic manufacturing methods, a delicious proprietary taste formulation, and 5mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol — but now also include turmeric and spirulina. That makes these gummies potentially the most beneficial for overall wellness that CBDfx offers, and it reduces the amount of different supplements and products that health-conscious customers need to take on a daily basis.

About CBDfx: CBDfx is a Southern California-based company focused on providing high quality, full-spectrum CBD to customers in a wide variety of formats. The company began with a full range of CBD vape products, and has since expanded to include edible CBD products as well. The company’s mission is to offer the purest and most effective organic/ethically sourced CBD options on the market today.

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