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Master Cultivator, Premium Flower, Oil And Lifestyle Brand SHERBINSKIS To Exhibit At ComplexCon

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SHERBINSKIS, the fastest growing premium flower, vaporizer, and lifestyle cannabis brand in North America, founded by master cultivator Mr. (Mario) Sherbinski, announced today it will become the first cannabis brand to exhibit at ComplexCon, the expertly curated pop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, and innovation festival in Long Beach, Calif., on Nov. 3-4, 2018.

ComplexCon hosts thousands of today’s most cutting-edge men’s and women’s fashion, art, and sport brands and individuals from around the world, many who define the lifestyle of today’s most impassioned youth consumers and influencers. SHERBINSKIS is gearing up for its much-anticipated consumer launch at the end of 2018, yet is already known for its world-famous genetics, Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, and the Gelato lineage: Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi, and Gello.

“SHERBINSKIS has always pushed the envelope and this was the perfect opportunity to tastefully bring cannabis into its rightful place in Culture. We knew ComplexCon had never had a cannabis brand involved before and it was our goal to become the first. Cannabis is interwoven into every aspect of today’s creative culture and we are an embodiment of that, so we’re excited for this opportunity and look forward to seeing our peers and customers at ComplexCon,” said Mr. Sherbinski, Founder of SHERBINSKIS.

While at ComplexCon, SHERBINSKIS plans to unveil never-before-seen brand merchandise, host meet and greets between Mr. Sherbinski and his fans, release a surprise limited-edition footwear line, and host celebrity appearances throughout the weekend. The brand will not sell cannabis products on premises.

“We’re going to ComplexCon to connect the dots between all of the genres consumers are going to see at ComplexCon and tie it together during a historic moment in California’s cannabis industry, the end of prohibition,” said SHERBINSKIS Co-Founder and CEO Will Htun.

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SHERBINSKIS is known worldwide as today’s fastest-growing premium cannabis lifestyle brand, a cult-favorite founded by Mr. Sherbinski, the renowned grower and creator of world-famous genetics, Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, and the Gelato lineage: Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi, and Gello.

Rooted in San Francisco, SHERBINSKIS is coveted for its uncompromising respect for the alchemy of the plant and culture of its people. The notoriety of our distinct strains cultivated a devoted following from cannabis insiders, enthusiasts and patrons around the world, whereupon value for absolute quality, experience, and sustainability reign supreme.

Riding this global groundswell, SHERBINSKIS is now expanding into select dispensaries across North America, and offers a range of premium cannabis products, which include cannabis flower, pre-rolls, a variety of concentrates, vape cartridges, smoking accessories, and lifestyle home goods.

SHERBINSKIS most loyal consumers include many of today’s greatest hip-hop artists, designers and creators, in addition to cannabis connoisseurs from around the world.

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