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Removing Pesticides: Maintaining Cannabis Safety and Profit

Written by C. Imani Williams

Pesticides in cannabis can be unsafe to consumers, which is why more states are regulating pesticide removal and testing. Learn more on how growers are looking to reduce pesticides while maintaining crops.

Keeping Cannabis Products Safe for Ingestion

Pesticides found during extraction are a concern for many Cannabis users, and regulatory agencies. By the time cannabis products make it to dispensary shelves, it’s packaged to sell. Consumers are more likely to hone in on how nice flowers in the jars look versus whether they’re safe to ingest. Safety should always be taken into consideration.

Purchasing from dispensaries should ensure a certain level of comfort that products have been tested and meet industry standards for safety. The ingredients are listed on the label, so why all the fuss? Most of the fuss is because the regulatory arm of testing is not as defined as it could be. The dilemma comes in with different laws across federal, state, and local guidelines. The inconsistency has the potential to leave Cannabis consumers exposed to harmful pesticide residue and mold that can lead to potential health issues.

Balancing Cost and Safety

Even though commercial spots are tasked with testing levels, requirements still vary from place to place. In addition, growers not regulated to the same rules as “traditional” farmers may go to great lengths to protect crops from being contaminated. It costs them money to lose entire crops. Still, overzealous spraying is potentially harmful to consumers.

Harmful pesticides can be detrimental to Cannabis consumers. This fact should stand out. The government has been slow to make streamline regulations around safety and testing. Right now, individual states are responsible for drafting laws that implement and enforce safety issues. This could change as more states sign on to legalizing on both the recreational and medicinal sides.


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