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Extraction Market and a Few Things to Know

Written by Joaquin Rodriguez

Extraction products have been around for centuries and now more than ever has there been a more publicized and verifiable market presence for extracted products like cannabis vaporizer oil as a staple product in the cannabis market.

With newly legal states coming online there is a need for a more rigid and standardized method for testing and eliminating the harmful chemicals used in the cultivation and extraction process.

Things to look for when choosing extracted products are current testing results through a known or in good standing testing laboratory.  In addition, take a good look at the clarity and color of the product.  For example, vaporizer oil can be various colors from dark amber to gold and water clear.  The cleanest and most pure oil that I’ve seen in the market doesn’t have a color and it is literally clear and colorless like a glass of water, hence the name “water clear”.  Every manufacture should be testing every batch that gets produce as well as should be getting a test result of the flower they use to make their extracted product.

Other resources to verify and know you are getting a quality product are the social media and website presence of the brand.  If they promote a specific process that doesn’t leave chemicals in their product and use known farms that are reputable for producing quality flower with no pesticides then you will have more confidence that you are getting a quality product.  The brands that don’t take this into consideration when promoting their product often have a higher probability of containing unwanted ingredients that can be hazardous to your health and will get flagged.

Another aspect about using vaporizer oil is the cartridge and battery issue.  Customers must start to educate themselves on the types of cartridges currently being produce because not all are made the same.  In some cases if the wrong combo is used some cartridges will burn out and stop working.  Not all batteries are made the same either.  Typically you do not want a high voltage battery for your cannabis oil as it may give you a burnt taste and destroy the heating mechanism in the cartridge.   It’s important to ask your sales person what battery they recommend or what is typically used for this brands oil or if they are able to let you test it, even better.  There is no clear-cut answer on the exact battery and cartridge combo to use as the oils are also different.  It’s something that needs to change in our industry but by asking questions and being able to test out your favorite brand with a couple different batteries you can find a good match easily.

Joaquin Rodriguez



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Joaquin Rodriguez

GenX BioTech is a premier biotech cannabis extraction company; located in California we are dedicated to setting the bar with their "molecular perfection", a clear like-water cannabis distillate, that is currently testing 97% THC potency. Their formulations are bringing not only clean cannabis oil to the market but also the most potent. Their products are considered pharmaceutical grade and I am the go to source for high volume orders of 1000 units or more.