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Ultrasound Assisted Extraction of Food and Natural Products. Mechanisms, techniques, Combinations, Protocols and Applications

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  • Recent advances in ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) are detailed.
  • Ultrasound extraction enhances extraction yield, economy and green impacts.
  • Ultrasound acts directly in the plant cell to release metabolites.
  • Ultrasound-assisted extraction acts through single or combined mechanisms.
  • Ultrasound-assisted extraction is an efficient tool for plant-based chemistry


This review presents a complete picture of current knowledge on ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) in food ingredients and products, nutraceutics, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and bioenergy applications. It provides the necessary theoretical background and some details about extraction by ultrasound, the techniques and their combinations, the mechanisms (fragmentation, erosion, capillarity, detexturation, and sonoporation), applications from laboratory to industry, security, and environmental impacts. In addition, the ultrasound extraction procedures and the important parameters influencing its performance are also included, together with the advantages and the drawbacks of each UAE techniques. Ultrasound-assisted extraction is a research topic, which affects several fields of modern plant-based chemistry. All the reported applications have shown that ultrasound-assisted extraction is a green and economically viable alternative to conventional techniques for food and natural products. The main benefits are decrease of extraction and processing time, the amount of energy and solvents used, unit operations, and CO2 emissions.


Review By: FaridChemat, NatachaRombaut, Anne-GaëlleSicaire, AliceMeullemiestreAnne-SylvieFabiano-Tixier, MarylineAbert-Vian

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