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The “Selling Power” of Your Packaging

Written by Tim Notter

Whether you are growing, extracting or making edibles you need to package your product. And if you are looking to build and create a “brand” then you need to maximize the “selling power” of your packaging.

There are two important factors to consider when looking to place your “baby” in a package. First, how are you going to get your message “name/logo” across to your buyer effectively so they recognize your package and come back for additional purchases. Second, you need to consider the safety of your product and your customers.

When it comes to getting your company “message” aka. logo and product name across to customers, graphics and display space are the major keys to your success. Graphics can take any form and there is virtually no limit to what printers can do today. It is important to remember to repeat and carry your message over to each of your products. This will ensure your customers recognize your brand when they are looking to try something new.

Selling your product isn’t just about eye popping graphics, it’s all about shelf space. And when it comes to shelf space you want to maximize your message. A flat rectangular box front provides the greatest impact area (principle display space) versus conventional bottles or jars. Another benefit of boxing your product is that you can get more product on a shelf in less space than you would with bottles or jars. And not only will you be able to get more of your message and product in front of your customers, you will also benefit from being able to ship your product more efficiently using less space and saving yourself shipping and warehousing costs.

Now that you have your graphics and maximized your shelf space you need to consider safety. As Cannabis products become more part of everyday life (and for those of us with small kids) you need a Child Resistant Package (CRP). Whether is edibles, oils or pre-rolled, when and you have multiple dosages in a package you want to be able to reuse the package and maintain its safety factor for your next use. CRP is the way to go.

To grab your customer’s attention with a CRP, you need your package customized with graphics and fitted with a custom insert tray to protect and hold your products. Innovative Plastics Corp. (IPC) is a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and an ISO 9001:2008 certified Custom Cannabis and Hemp Products Packaging Thermoformer. IPCprovides companies producing Cannabis and Hemp products (from Edibles and Oils to Vape Pens and Refills) with customized Child Resistant packaging. IPC offers In-house Designing, Prototyping and Tooling (a one stop shop).

When building the “selling power” of your packaging to stay in the forefront of the market place, remember to create eye catching graphics, maximize your shelf space and protect your product and your customer.

Tim Notter
Business Development

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