Premium Packaging Creates Premium Brands

Cannabis growers, producer/processors, manufacturers and even dispensaries are facing a growing threat: the commoditization of market. Companies will increasingly be forced to choose to either build a brand that can command market share, generate customer loyalty, and justify a premium price; or become a commodity and compete on the basis of a low price.

Packaging is one of the most important tools companies can use to build and promote a brand. As the first line of customer contact, attractive packaging can increase sales and speak volumes about a brand, its position in the market, and its features and benefits.

Hippo Premium Packaging is dedicated to helping companies succeed through creative packaging solutions, intelligent branding, and effective marketing. How a brand decorates a package can make a world of difference to the finished piece. Here are some examples across different styles of packaging most commonly found in the cannabis industry:

Speakeasy 710 Battery Pen Packaging (Folding Carton)

This creative design features “Soft Touch” lamination, which gives the package a luxurious skin-like feel to the touch. The premium nature of the product is conveyed through this tactile appeal. The box also features digital gold foil, providing an eye-catching pop of brilliance and added elegance. Finally, the Hippo designers added a spot raised UV on the woman’s face, giving the piece extra contrast and adding visual interest.

Golden State Greens Collector’s Box (Rigid Box)

Using a hidden magnetic closure, this upscale box sports spot gloss UV on a matte coated sheetfor a premium look. Adding a hot stamped dull foil and a custom wax seal further adds to the packages sophistication, and positions the product at the top of the market.

Utopia Macaroon Packaging (Flexible)

Hippo decided to print this package on foil film to create an eye-catching look that is further intensified by sparing out the spot white ink on the logo to create a metallic sheen. Careful use of spot matte coatings were also placed in strategic areas to add contrast and highlight the logo.

The fact is, packaging plays a key role in defining a brand and creating relevancein this fast-paced market. Developing new packaging presents opportunities for both new and established brands to break out of the clutter and let their identity shine.

Designing or redesigning a package requires companies to be very clear about their brand position (and desired position)in the market.Packaging, copy and graphics go hand in hand, and sometimes offer the only points of differentiation for a consumer. Working with a branding and packaging firm can help identify and strengthen your brand attributes, and define a direction for packaging and marketing.

Research showsthat most shopping decisions are purely instinctive and reactive. Eye-tracking studies show that consumers read on average only seven words in an entire shopping trip, buying instinctively by color, shape and familiarity. Best sellers succeed by appealing to this buying cycle.

Today, as brand owners are struggling for market share, and trying desperately to justify higher prices to maintain profitability, packaging is the key component in this war for the consumer’s heart, mind and pocketbook.

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