The Secrets are in the Sauce

Cannabis and hemp product manufacturers are looking to create novel formulations to target specific medical conditions, or juxtaposedly, are more interested in retaining the true chemistry of the native plant. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but there are unique ways to customize your craft. This webinar delves into: the use of terpenes as flavoring agents and ensemble effect enhancers, while recognizing the lack of FDA oversight; frontier research that literally is proving the ensemble effect; limiting chemovar drift between Cannabis sativa flowers and downstream products; and the deconstruction of the plant to design products not based on marketing names, but rather, intended physiological effects.

Craftsmanship Beyond the Cultivation:

A Survey of Cutting-Edge Cannabis Extraction and Product Optimization Techniques

Different methods of cannabis extraction abound, often with biases in one direction or another.  Most manufacturers agree that each has its benefits and shortcomings.  So which one should you choose?  In this webinar, our experts help provide the clarity essential for making knowledgeable business decisions by illustrating the main points behind current, cutting-edge techniques used in creating cannabis concentrates.

Extractions & Testing: Proper Practices for Successful Business Ventures

Learn the ins and outs of getting started in the extraction industry from the perspective of some established members of the extraction and testing lab industries. Those who tune in will be privy to laying a foundation within a thriving industry. Our speakers will touch all of the bases, from getting started to understanding the processes that are safest for us and patients. This webinar is an offering from Terpenes and Testing Magazine because we have a passion for educating those with interest in these respected spaces in the cannabis industry. Scientific Editor and extraction expert John MacKay, PhD. will be delivering the keynote to kick of what will surely be the start of an amazing series of educational webinars from our team.