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The advertisements in our publications feature products that are relevant to the subject matter in each issue such that cannabis scientists and industry professionals can find new ways to improve their business and processes

Extract Consultants

Extract Consultants was established by an essential oil, aroma chemical and sensory expert, with a true passion for the flavors, aromas and effect of flowered products and concentrates. This person brings with him a team of internationally renowned chemists and formulators, combined with facilities that house the most advanced processing equipment in the essential oil and flavor industries in order to provide efficacious, high-quality and standardized products.

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ExtraktLAB provides a full suite of business solutions for Supercritical CO2 Extraction, Lab Design & Engineering, Formulations, Separations, & Process Management.

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Cascade Sciences

Cascade Sciences provides lab equipment for all stages of oil refinement – from our famous USA made blue vacuum purge ovens, vacuum pumps, Huber chillers, cold traps, distillation systems, decarb reactors, Heidolph rotovaps, stirrers, homogenizers and hot plates. Visit our showroom in Hillsboro Oregon!
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Evolved Extraction Solutions

Your source for cannabis extraction equipment, expertise, and high-purity solvents. We supply turnkey solutions for extraction labs across North America.
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Ace Glass Incorporated

Ace Glass Incorporated has been a leader and innovator of scientific glassware and lab equipment for over 80 years. Ace Glass provides a wide variety of quality US manufactured standard and custom scientific glassware, including some specifically tailored to the cannabis Industry including our Extraction and Distillation kits as well as our Filter Reactors.
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Delta T Systems

Delta T Systems is the industry leader in temperature control equipment and has supplied the extraction/distillation industry for 20+ years. We only focus on fluid circulating temperature control, either through chillers or hot water/oil circulators. All of Delta T Systems equipment integrates the latest technology to ensure energy efficiency, reliability and functionality. Delta T Systems proudly made in the US…Better Results, Pure and Simple.
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Greenfield Global

Pharmco, a brand by Greenfield Global, is a reliable manufacturer of high purity ethanol, solvents, and related products for extraction. We give you the support needed to produce quality products as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also helping to navigate potential regulatory or logistic roadblocks.

We do business where extractors do business. With centralized manufacturing and 12 warehouses nationwide, we understand the best way to address almost any potential problem that may arise. Our goal is to provide the ethanol, solvents, documentation, and knowledge needed to grow your business.

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(NA) LS Filter Products Company_FF-01

Filter Products Company

Filter Products Company has provided technical consultation, product development, and filtration solutions to customers that are producing equipment for this rapidly developing industry, as well as the licensed producers of CBD and other essential oils.
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Jordan Isenstadt
Senior Vice President

Marino works with leading cannabis brands to support their media relations, thought leadership, digital strategy and government affairs goals. Our cannabis practice has a deep understanding of the complex and evolving industry and partners with cannabis companies as a strategic communications expert. From CBD and CBG to THC and terpenes, and from extraction technology and greenhouses to vape pens and edibles, our team has extensive experience educating and marketing to the public, investors, government officials and key stakeholders. Marino is your cannabis partner.

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CCell was founded and developed under one fundamental philosophy which is striving for extraordinary performance. Whil our competitors bring content with basic features, CCell keeps challenging the technical problems to provide consumers a much purer sensation and more powerful potency to create a world-class leading vaporizing platform is our corporate vision.

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