Media Trade Program

Conferences and expos produced by MACE Media barter with print and digital media outlets to receive advertising exposure that encourages attendance to the event. Acceptable advertising formats include:

  • Full page ad in print edition
  • Full page ad in digital edition
  • Web banner ads
  • E-newsletter Ads
  • Social Media shout outs

Note: all elements offered to MACE Media events in barter must be presented in a published media kit and have an associated dollar value.

Creative Packs containing most of the advertising elements listed above for partner use in fulfilling their side of barter agreements are distributed to all partners via email that coincide with your required dates.

This folder link is sent via email with a secure link to our Creative Pack in Basecamp:

  • Full, half and quarter size page ads for print editions, customized to your specs
  • Full, half and quarter page ads for use in digital editions
  • Standard Size web banner ads, 728 x 90, 300 x 250, 468 x 60, and 160 x 600
  • HTML creative for eBlasts to your subscriber list
  • Show logo and description for calendar listings
  • Custom sizes and formats will always be provided upon request.
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Please note: these options are available to print and digital Media Partners only.

Barter Renewals

Once accepted as a Media Partner,MACE Media always assumes a renewal of the agreement from Show year to Show year. Agreement Renewals will be distributed to all partners once organized. If you have not received your renewal package, contact program director us. Renewing Media Partners are asked to begin running Show advertising upon receipt of the Creative Media Pack without any further notice from the Show. MACE Media will match barters proposed of any value, we are always happy to discuss increasing or changing the overall barter value with partners at any time. The new inventory list for barters will be made available soon.

Program Policies

  • Acceptance to Media Partner Program requires a valid media kit.
  • All elements must have a dollar value and be presented in media kit to be accepted in barter.
  • MACE Media prohibits the resale of any elements provided in barter to media partners to other sponsors, advertisers or partners without prior written consent. This includes complimentary booth or event space.
  • MACE Media does not engage in barter relationships for editorial coverage of the Show or any of its constituents.
  • MACE Media’s Partner Program does not present Partner advertising for the purpose of promoting conference and exhibition events owned or represented by Media Partners.
  • Media Partners can only barter for 1 regular publication bin per publication title. Publication titles must be registered as an official Media Partner.
  • MACE Media only distributes print publications on-site if those publications have in exchange inserted at least 1 print ad on behalf of any of our shows as part of the barter arrangement.
  • All Media Partners will receive an Exhibits-only Pass code that enables them to invite subscribers and VIP guests to register for free admission to the MACE Media shows, a value of $150.00.
  • MACE Media reserves the right to review all Partner content submitted for exposure to Show audiences. Inappropriate content will not be accepted or used.