Massimo Orsini

I’m Massimo Orsini, a staff-writer for Extraction Magazine and Highburg journals, consumer and amateur grower of cannabis for 15 years.

Expressing my creativity has always been fundamental to me, and this is how I developed my two greatest passions: writing and music.

I have been studying sax since the age of 8. I have played in various groups ranging between ska and jazz, and with time and a lot of patience, I have also managed to give space to writing.

I started by writing for a music magazine, thus merging my passions. Over time, however, my passion for the cannabis environment also began to intensify, fueling the desire to understand more and more about this vast universe. The effects of the different strains, genetic crosses, the production of concentrates and the various techniques to produce many products from one plant have always aroused a lot of interest in me, especially since cannabis began to be used for therapeutic purposes. Finally, the incredible properties of this very varied, ancient, and mysterious plant were recognized.

So I decided to read up and dedicate myself to disseminating useful information about this plant that many people still know very little about. Whether it is the latest smoking tool released or the discovery of a new medical application of cannabis, it is always very interesting for me to know more and more about this plant and to share these experiences with readers and enthusiasts like me.

This cannabis environment is constantly evolving. With new genetic crosses, new indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques, and new methods for smoking in an increasingly safe and less harmful way, there is no end to the creativity of those who have a genuine passion. And this is what drives me every day to find new words and new topics for readers who want to satisfy their curiosity, or that helps me not feel nervous when I have to improvise a solo with my sax in front of people.