Laurel Friesen

Laurel Friesen obtained a degree in Environmental Chemistry from Northwestern University in 2013. After working in a gastroenterology lab and contributing research with renowned Dr. John Pandolfino at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Laurel left the medical field to explore the intersection of chemistry and business. Laurel joined Eden Labs, a well-established extraction equipment manufacturer, in July of 2015 to build their Research and Development department. Leading a team of 5 people she managed the development of Eden Labs’ newest systems, the FX2 Supercritical CO2 Extractor.

Laurel’s experience with Eden Labs inspired her to pursue her own processing license in Seattle. Mother Earth Cannabis Extracts became licensed by the State of Washington in January of 2017. The company now has 3 employees in a facility located in SODO, Seattle, Washington.

Laurel is committed to education and facilitates community engagement by hosting educational events at her facility including public tours, seminars, and hosting American Chemical Society – Cannabis Chemistry Division events. Her mission is to enable cannabis users with as much information as possible and to enable active and engaged lifestyles alongside cannabis consumption.