Moonrocks are made with cannabis buds, coated in cannabis oil and then rolled in kief. The result is an incredibly potent and flavorful cannabis product.

What is a Moonrock?

Regular cannabis smokers are constantly looking for new products to experiment with new flavors and ensure better experiences. There are many different qualities of cannabis, and each one offers different effects depending on the level of active ingredients and relative concentrations. Furthermore, habitual smokers, with their body’s ability to get used to substances administered regularly, may experience a weakening of the effects of even the most potent cannabis.

For this reason, and also thanks to the creative effects of our favorite plant, we have always sought new, more effective, and innovative ways to make the most of cannabis  active ingredients and their properties, and one of the newest innovations are moonrocks. 

Moonrocks are dried flower buds coated in two concentrates: cannabis pollen (kief) and hash oil. This mix ensures a significant boost to the effects due to an increase in the percentage of active ingredients.  An increase capable of knocking down even the most experienced smoker. But what exactly are they?

Where do Moonrocks Come from?

Where moonrock comes from is a bit of a mystery, some hypothesize they appeared for the first time in California in the 90s, others say it comes from the Hip-Hop culture, precisely from the idea of rapper Kurupt, member of Tha Dogg Pound, and musician Dr. Zodiak.

 In general, moonrocks became famous in the 90s hip-hop scene, and considering that it was born relatively recently, the diffusion of this product was very rapid.  Despite the rapid distribution, they are considered fairly rare to find. Originally, the cannabis used to produce moonrocks was the Girl Scout Cookies genetic, which was among the most powerful. 

Later,  they also began to experiment with other genetics, both indica and sativa. The name “moonrock” derives from the fact that once prepared, the “rocks”have a rather solid consistency, and with their nuances, which can sometimes reach very light shades such as white, they really resemble the appearance of fragments of our satellite.

The Properties of Moonrocks

The moonrock is obtained by drying the bud of a female plant and then coating it with a concentrated oil obtained from hashish, often BHO, CO2, or rosin. Once greased by the oil, the inflorescence is passed through kief, the  cannabis pollen obtained from the separation and drying of trichomes. 

With this process, a bud is coated with a sort of double filling: a resinous glaze of hashish oil and a praline of kief. This mix of cannabis and hashish greatly increases the concentration of the active ingredient compared to the simple bud, precisely due to the purity of the two additional ingredients. In fact, this method of consuming cannabis quickly spread around the world because it ensures a very powerful experience, almost too much for naive smokers. 

Obviously, the potency of this product can vary depending on the quality of the individual ingredients, but on average, the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in a moonrock bud is at least 50%, while the flower alone can reach a maximum of 20%. This data alone demonstrates why moonrock is among the most popular methods of consuming weed, even if, as already mentioned, it is not for everyone, if you are a beginner, taking this product lightly will not lead to anything fun.

The flavor also benefits from this mix, the almost sweet taste of the kief gives each puff a fresh flavor with a dry aftertaste, thanks to the terpenes present in the kief. This product guarantees a truly unique and powerful experience, but its therapeutic properties in its cannabidiol CBD light-version should not be underestimated either. In fact, it is often used, like other products derived from cannabis, to treat chronic pain, stimulate hunger, and more.

The Power of Moonrocks

Smoking moonrocks is certainly not comparable to a simple joint, the union of these powerful ingredients releases a power that should not be underestimated. Obviously, it always depends on the quantity and, above all, the quality of the products used. This is a product used by those looking for very powerful and lasting experiences, in fact, the peculiarity is precisely in the persistence of the effects as well as the power. 

The effects of moonrocks are described as body high, which is a sensation that, once it takes possession of the mind, starts from the head and spreads throughout the body. Effects may include euphoria, relaxation (so much so that you don’t want to move off the couch), increased social skills or completely the opposite, pain relief, and an increased appetite. Speaking of appetite, the effects of moonrock are very similar to those of edibles, with a very slow release and a considerable duration. 

The potential risks of consuming moonrock are precisely due to its disproportionate power. The very high concentration of THC in the oil and kief could cause many problems for novice smokers. The effects may have negative mental and physical repercussions. Contraindications could include headaches, nausea, paranoia, insomnia, tachycardia, and panic attacks. 

Even the most experienced smokers shouldn’t take the potency of this product lightly, and it’s always advisable to take small precautions to avoid the risk of being overwhelmed by moonrock, especially if it’s the first time. It is advisable to eat before trying the moonrock, taking it on an empty stomach could induce nausea more easily. 

Consuming it in an environment that we consider familiar and safe is also very important in order not to incur negative psychological repercussions. In addition to filling the stomach, it is important to keep hydrated, especially while smoking, and obviously, it is very important to start with small doses, the size of the bud can mislead us into thinking that it is not enough.

How to Consume Moonrock?

Contrary to what one might think, there are some precautions to take when smoking moonrocks. First of all in the amount of the dose and second in the way of consumption. Being a combination of very powerful products, moderate use is recommended through the use of bongs or pipes. With their small and conical bowls, bongs and pipes allow us to optimize the quantity used without wasting even the smallest part of moonrock, while still ensuring adequate intake to feel its powerful effects persistently and over time. 

Mixing with tobacco is not recommended, and making a traditional joint with this product is not very suitable because it would end up not burning, and in case it does burn, the characteristic flavor and aroma would be lost. In a nutshell, the purity of the product would be lost, ruining it. Another important tip is to chop it exclusively with your fingers or with a pair of small scissors. 

The normal grinder would be ineffective with moonrocks due to its compactness and resinous surface, it would end up sticking to the walls of the grinder, and by dividing its ingredients, it would lose its properties. In case you don’t want to give up the classic joint, we recommend a mixture made up of leaves from the same plant used to make moonrocks or other chopped buds, but in this case, be very careful with the dosage.

Homemade Moonrocks

Luckily, we can make our own moonrocks at home, you only need the three ingredients already mentioned: hash oil, kief, and dried cannabis flowers. In addition, we should use some tools: a smooth and clean surface to place the kief, a stainless steel container, a small brush (preferably a make-up brush), and a pair of latex gloves. The main advantage of making it at home is that you can increase or decrease the power of the final product at will by carefully choosing each ingredient according to your needs. 

First, you need to get hashish oil. You can possibly buy it or prepare it yourself by separating it with alcohol, butane, or whatever technique you prefer. The important thing is that it is filtered, pure, and clean. You don’t need a lot of it since you need to apply a little to each bud. It will then be necessary to obtain the kief, this operation can be a little slower since, from approximately ten grams of grinded weed, one can obtain just under one gram of kief. 

The advantage is that it collects easily if you use a three-compartment grinder. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a sifter box or pollen shaker, a tool specifically designed for this purpose. The cannabis placed in this box should be shaken gently to separate the trichomes from the plant, once separated, they can be collected in the lower compartment. Now we just have to select our bud: dry and possibly rich in pollen. 

Having taken the bud, we put on latex gloves to avoid compromising the purity of the hashish oil, and we take the make-up brush. Once the brush is dyed in the oil, it must be delicately passed over the entire surface of the bud. Once we’ve made sure we’ve dyed our bud well, it’s time to pass it on the kief, trying to create a sort of uniform breading. 

At this point, our moonrock gem is ready, you just need to place it gently in the stainless steel container and let it dry until the surface becomes hard and compact. The duration of this operation may vary according to the dosage of each ingredient. 


This product must be tried at least once in a lifetime. Its power will satisfy the most demanding smokers, and hashish oil and kief ensure a very powerful effect that will knock you down. A natural product that you can comfortably make at home.


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