Extraction Efficiency Series

Emerald Scientific is proud to present this introductory video for a webinar series on optimizing cannabinoid and terpene extraction and enrichment using sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction using analytical methodology.

This series features live demonstration of cannabis extraction using a commercial CO2 extraction system and narrative highlighting the basic principles of the extraction, factors that must be optimized with the aid of analytical instrumentation and testing, as well as pre- and post-extraction treatment of cannabis and extract.

Hosted by Drs. Jerry King and John MacKay, who have more than a combined 80 years of experience in the field, the series will physically demonstrate the role of cannabis matrix preparation prior to initiating extraction, the extraction of cannabis flower using a commercial extraction unit, and in particular, the use of analytical methodology crucial to optimizing the extraction and enrichment of the active-cannabis constituents.

Key highlights of this webinar will encompass:

  • the effect of comminution, moisture, and loading of the cannabis prior to initiation of the extraction;
  • the effect of extraction time, pressure, temperature, and CO2 rate when recycling the extraction fluid; and
  • adjusting the collection conditions in the separator vessels to achieve a target cannabinoid concentration and terpene retention in the resultant extract.

Also included are the role of specific analysis methodology to track the progress of extraction and the characterization of the results extracts i.e. the use of HPLC or SFC for potency content; headspace gas chromatography for terpene content; and rapid assessment of pre- and post-extraction samples and those generated by extraction, dewaxing, solvent removal, and concentrating distillation techniques.

Similarly, contaminant generation and concentration (i.e. pesticides) during the processing steps will be discussed and the appropriate analytical methodology illustrated for monitoring these unwanted toxicants.

The series will conclude with the role and need for reliable analytical standards in proficiency testing programs, detection of extract adulteration, and dosing protocols used in preparing commercial products.

We could not be more excited to bring this content to the industry knowing there is a tremendous appetite for this information and we truly believe this is ground breaking content.

This series was made possible through sponsorship and collaboration with Eden LabsFritsch InternationalSteep Hill LabsGFarmaLabs, and Orange Photonics.

We hope you enjoy the introduction and we look forward to having you join us for this webinar.