Extraction Magazine Podcast: Extracting the Best from Your Day with Dr. John MacKay, discussing Sherwood’s Journey to Developing Solventless Extraction at 100,000 lbs per Day (EP4)

Another solventless extraction system for cannabis processing. I was able to catch up with Raechel and Steve Sherwood to talk about the Loxley Systems. The system could do a minimum of 750 lbs and up to 100,000 lbs per day. They will discuss how they pivoted to smaller models that can be used on the benchtop and in batch and continuous mode. How they came into the business is fascinating to me, and the five years of development to May 2022.


Raechel Sherwood

Co-Founder & CEO

Loxley Systems

Solventless Extraction


raechel@goloxley.com  | GoLoxley.com

Go Solventless, Go Loxley.

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