The Cannabis Terpene Experience

Strolling through meadows of delicate, sweet-smelling wildflowers and lavender. Crisp, forest air. Hazy, hoppy, aromatic beer. The tantalizing fragrance of different cannabis plants. These sensory explosions have the ability to transcend time and transport those imbibing their beautiful bouquets to another place in time, triggering one’s memories. The mesmerizing molecules responsible for all of these nostalgias are the terpenes, in one beautiful form or another.

Terpenes help define a product’s sensory fingerprint, its tastes and smells that enable us to recall it later. Did you know, though, that terpenes not only contribute to a botanical’s, or botanically-derived product’s flavor and aroma, but they can also offer medicinal benefits when consumed? There have been scores of scientific studies on the physiological roles terpenes can play. These aromatic molecules have been adorned in the scientific literature as providing
therapeutic properties in studies on chronic pain, mood/depression, anxiety, insomnia, respiration, gastrointestinal conditions, and as having anti-cancer applications, to name an ultra-limited few.

Come traverse the fragrant kingdom of the terpenes by way of science and your senses. Journey through panoramic vapors, and into wondrous fields of fragrant, ethereal scents like roses, cardamom, hops, lavender, bergamot, or cannabis. Learn which terpenes help provide a plant’s characteristic fragrance, and become educated on how to use the sensory, or organoleptic properties of plants to heal, energize, and just simply relax. The Cannabis Terpene Experience will tantalize the senses along the way to a stronger understanding of terpenes.