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Who we are?

Extraction Magazine stands as the bridge between hard science, 420 culture, and botanical extraction business. Our reputation in the industry affirms our position as leaders. The extraction market saw rapid growth in 2023, driven by scientific breakthroughs and public interest. We aim to keep industry stakeholders informed about the latest developments.

We write about:

  • The Extraction

From new emerging methods and ethics of the daily operations to tech and equipment.

  • The Science

New research, new developments, and all the industry-defining R&D ventures.

  • The Industry

In all its glory, from key players and their advice to regulations and the legal field updates.

And write for:

  • Decision-Makers

Those who rely on our expertise to improve every part of the process and stay on top.

  • The Community

Influencers, DIY enthusiasts, cultivators: everyone who has a passion for modern alchemy.

  • Extraction Businesses

From small-scale artisan productions to industrial-scale facility owners & operators.

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Extraction Magazine is the ONLY exclusively botanical extraction-focused platform. For over 150,000 readers, we’re a trusted source for industry insights. If your business shares our values and passions, we’re here to provide the stage, spread the word, and help meaningful partnerships happen.

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Want your products or your brand to get noticed? We offer omnichannel promotion to make sure that you get the attention, leads, and traffic you need. Request our 2023 Media Kit to see the opportunities you have.

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