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Firefly2+: The Vaporizer that Uses NASA-Level Technology and Engineering to Summon Cannabis’s Full Potential, Molecule by Molecule

Written by Petar Petrov

More people are sold on cannabis’s immense potential, however, accessing it is reminiscent of collecting all the ingredients for one of those magic potions witches stir up in the movies. To fully take advantage of the cannabis plant, we’d ideally need to activate all of its cannabinoids simultaneously, but that’s easier said than done when they all have different boiling points.

That’s a major scientific roadblock which can’t by bypassed by all the world’s passion for cannabis. Luckily, Firefly’s two founders aren’t just passionate about cannabis, but also deeply fascinated by the science within it and the technological and engineering mechanisms that can harness it. And given that they’re highly accomplished Silicon Valley technologists with over 20 years of experience, and have worked for companies like Apple and NASA, if anyone can use technology and science to summon cannabis’s full potential, it’s them.

“They [the two founders] really knew that there had to be a better way to access the benefits of the plant through technology and design,” Steve Berg, Firefly’s CEO, says. “They had a deep understanding of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and also a deep understanding of the cannabis plant and the science behind it, as well as the science of how to best apply heat to cannabis in order to bring out a high-fidelity expression of the plant.”

And actually, they might have found that better way – they call it Dynamic Convection, the vaping technology that powers Firefly’s eponymous flagship vaporizer, whose hardware is crafted from the same high-grade alloys NASA uses for their spaceships, since they can heat up and cool down quickly enough to support that heating technology.

Firefly recently released its latest vaporizer product, Firefly 2+, as a response to the demand for its sold-out predecessor. This version builds upon previous features and the implementation of customer feedback into the design, creating an even better product. For example, with a 33% increase in air flow, which makes drawing much easier, smoother, and efficient, Firefly might just have created the ultimate vaporizer, carefully balanced at the intersection of technology, engineering, aesthetics, user-friendliness, and cannabis science.

What does such a complex blend translate into in reality? Berg puts it this way: “It’s kind of like listening to an old favorite song on a brand-new incredible stereo system.”

Berg’s analogy is spot on – just like an incredible stereo system can help you hear new nuances, dimensions, and even entire riffs and melodies of your favorite song, Firefly2+ and its Dynamic Convection lets users experience their favorite plant molecule by molecule dynamically, treating them to a symphony of tastes, effects, and benefits in which no sound is drowned out.

“Dynamic Convection really works to very precisely activate all the organic compounds of the plant to deliver an outstanding cannabis experience.”

Dynamic Convection is based on the principle that different cannabinoids have different boiling points, which is why when you vape at a fixed temperature with other devices, you cook off the cannabinoids that have lower boiling points than the set temperature, while the ones with higher boiling points aren’t activated at all. But with its dynamic heating mechanism, Firefly2+ doesn’t simply jump to a temperature, but gradually progresses to it, “climbing up the heat curve.”

For as complex as Dynamic Convection might be to invent, it might be equally simple to use:

“The consumer would dial in the peak temperature that they want to vaporize at by either using the mobile app or just by pressing buttons on the device itself. When you begin to draw, the heat progressively rises. As you draw over the course of 8 to 10 seconds, the heat is increasing all the way up to the peak temperature that you set. This way, Dynamic Convection activates the various cannabinoids at their unique boiling points as you draw.”

The result?

“A full-plant experience and phenomenal flavor.” And by flavor, Berg doesn’t just mean the taste on the tongue, but also what it signifies – “a very high-fidelity cannabis experience.”

In fact, the well-roundedness of Firefly2+ has even drawn comparisons with a slick machine from another field that epitomizes technological and engineering innovation and superiority.

“Some refer to Firefly 2+ as the Tesla of vaporizers. As with the Tesla, it’s beautiful to look at, it’s super high-quality, the build materials are very high-quality, and a lot of the magic is actually under the hood, in the way the technology is being applied to result in an excellent user experience.”

Whenever something ticks all the boxes this way, it usually comes at a cost, literally – it’s not cheap. And while the Firefly2+ may cost $250, this number alone can’t reflect the actual value for that money, because it can’t account for one crucial factor of cannabis products’ worth – efficiency, as in how little of the cannabis goes to waste. And Firefly2+’s efficiency is second to none.

“Firefly2+ only heats materials when you suck. You’re not wasting material when you’re not actually consuming and it really keeps things fresh. That makes the material go a longer way than if you were using a vaporizer that’s still cooking everything even when you’re not using it.”

This means that even though the Firefly2+ may be a relatively big initial investment, it “more than pays for itself over time,” even from a strictly financial standpoint.

While Firefly2+ may sound like some futuristic device that has come out of a sci-fi movie and can be appreciated only by true tech geeks and cannabis connoisseurs, it is anything but. In a way, it’s one-size-fits-all, just because when a device is innovative and high-quality, and you don’t need a bachelor’s degree in technology to take advantage of it, it transcends different people’s needs and tastes, whether those people are medical patients, health-oriented people, and cannabis connoisseurs who are after pinpoint precision in activating the plethora of cannabinoids and their effects, or people who are simply looking to get the most out of the cannabis plant.

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Petar Petrov

Petar is a freelance writer and copywriter, covering culture, art, society, and anything in-between that makes for a nice story. And as it so happens, cannabis is a great element to add to each of those conversations.